X4 atom

  • Zoom


    3.5 to 35 degrees, automatic

  • Compact Design

    Compact Design

    for movie- and TV-sets

X4 atom

The GLP X4 atom has been designed from the ground up to be as versatile a light as possible in a number of different ways.

With its small body, designed to fit subtly into the tightest spaces yet give big coverage, the X4 atom is a new everyday fixture for static sources. From television and film, to corporate events, set lighting and special events. From concert touring stages and truss systems to architectural elements, the X4 atom has a use everywhere.

The X4 atom is fitted with the same high output quad color LED source that we use across the X4 range, giving it a bright, full spectrum output from its compact size.
But the X4 atoms small size houses a lot more, starting with a 9 to 1 zoom ratio that goes from a wide 34° wash down to a tight 3.5° beam for pinpoint accuracy and great mid-air effects.Something which no other fixture offers and all the while maintaining a clean output and even distribution of color and intensity.

But it doesn’t stop there. As versatility is the key, we made the housing IP 65 rated allowing it to be used on events and shows all year round, indoors or out. And for times when one X4 atom just isn’t enough, we’ve created a clever and fast interlock system that allows fixtures to easily be coupled together.

The standard hanging yoke is easily removed and you can quickly assemble pairs, quads, lines and grids of fixtures in any configuration that you need – and still keep individual control of each atom head creating stunning displays.

The X4 atom runs from an external power supply that feeds each fixture via an industry standard 4 pin XLR color changer cable, tapping into existing infrastructure and not trying to reinvent things again and reducing the overall environmental impact of the atom.

SKU Name Description
7671 X4 atom  
7671TH X4 atom TH Color Mixing: RGBY


X4 atom



Referenced Tag-ID

LED Light Source

LED Type
  • Osram Ostar
Lifetime (Hours)
  • 50,000 h
LED Count
  • 1
LED Colors
  • RGBW
  • CwWw

Optical System

Min. Zoom
  • 3.5°
Max. Zoom
  • 34°


CTC (Color Temperature Control)
  • electronic
  • 2,500 – 10,000 K


  • DMX (USITT DMX512-A)
  • temperature controlled
  • overheating protection


Signal connection
  • XLR 4-Pin

Operating Condtions

Maximum ambient temperature
  • 45°C / 115°F
Operating Position
  • any
  • E
Ec (kWh/1,000h)

Mounting Options

  • combined hanging / floorstand yoke
  • Mini TV Spigot
  • Related connection via Trussbar

Housing Colors

Standard colors
  • black


Single fixture
  • cardboard
  • 12 pcs. X4 atom and 1 PSU
  • 12 pcs. 4-Pin cable 5m

Dimensions & Weight

Height (head vertical)
196 mm
Width (across yoke)
127 mm
127 mm
1,8 kg

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