GLP History Introduction

2015 impression X4 Bar Schlag RaabGLP - German Light Products has stood for innovative lighting technology for the professional market since 1994. The pioneering spirit of GLP founder Udo Künzler was already fully expressed in the very first product idea. The Patend Light, for the development of which GLP was founded, was at that time a completely new fusion of the scanners already widely used in the disco sector and the moving lights which had not yet been brought to market maturity. Pure innovation and creative development joy!

In the course of the company's 25-year history, groundbreaking successes and bitter setbacks have occurred more than once, but one thing has remained the same throughout all the ups and downs: The irrepressible will to develop intelligent and innovative technical lighting solutions that enable lighting designers to create completely new artistic expressions. In this tradition, worldwide industry standards such as the impression X4 series were developed, as were the newer, extremely powerful KNV LED modules, the versatile hybrid strobe JDC1 or the HIGHLANDER Wash with discharge lamp. 

With a trained ear, the GLP team has been listening to the touring, theatre and studio market worldwide for over two decades, always coming up with surprising solutions that meet the creative needs of lighting and stage designers and effortlessly multiply their expressive possibilities. The uncompromising flexibility and performance of the headlamps developed by GLP make this possible.

The close, cooperative relationship with renowned designers, production companies and rental companies all over the world is the foundation on which the GLP family has always stood and still stands today. Every new or further development of a product is the result of a fruitful exchange between GLP as a manufacturer and the users in the market. The firm belief in partnerships that offer all parties involved room to grow and develop is deeply ingrained in the GLP DNA and distinguishes the family company GLP from other market participants.

To this day, GLP continues to develop new products at its headquarters in Karlsbad, Baden-Württemberg. The success of the high-quality, creatively playable lighting solutions, however, quickly allowed the company to grow internationally. Today, GLP is represented in numerous markets with branches in Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Great Britain, France and Sweden and has been able to steadily expand its position as one of the world's leading manufacturers of professional lighting technology for the entertainment industry.

Under the motto "Flexibility - Family - Future", the company remains true to its roots and values, while its account managers and developers are already putting out feelers for the next lighting game changer...