The brand FUSION by GLP was created through the merger of EHRGEIZ and GLP on 1.1.2019. EHRGEIZ was created in 2012 in the direct vicinity of GLP with the aim of developing high-quality products with convincing design and innovative technology for the professional lighting industry. The focus was on robust, weatherproof spotlights for flexible outdoor use. EHRGEIZ has produced lighting classics such as the Fusion 2 and the Supernova series.

Since GLP and EHRGEIZ were located in the same place and also shared a market, the desire arose on both companies to combine their strengths and make EHRGEIZ products available to an even larger market.

With the takeover by GLP the entire EHRGEIZ portfolio was rebranded under the name FUSION by GLP. The popular LED bar Fusion 2 by EHRGEIZ was named after it, which is still available in the GLP portfolio today as Fusion Stick FS20.

With FUSION by GLP, GLP now serves the important growth market of professional outdoor lighting. Development, design and production of all FUSION by GLP products are subject to the same high quality standards as all other GLP products. The contemporary lighting solutions of FUSION by GLP are manufactured in certified manufactories in compliance with the strict guidelines of GLP and using selected high-quality components from established international suppliers.

Today, the FUSION by GLP portfolio includes washlights (Supernova, EXO Wash), spotlights (EXO Spot), the linear solution FUSION Stick FS20 as well as controllers. All FUSION by GLP lights combine the latest technologies, highest weather protection (IP 65, IP 67), maximum user-friendliness and a wide range of creative options with GLP's excellent worldwide service.