New Lío Mallorca lights up with GLP

Pedro Marcé Socias’s theatre design based on impression X5 Compact, impression X4 Bar 20 and JDC1

The new Lío Mallorca nightclub in Palma has opened with a spectacular dinner show, featuring a troupe of singers, dancers, acrobats and international artists. Cabaret Espectacular is billed as a high octane cabaret for the 21st century. The fully immersive experience, combined with a Mediterranean-inspired menu, represents the pinnacle of theatrical dining – and is brought to life with stage lighting from GLP.

Lío itself comprises a group of venues spread across the world, having expanded its territories to Ibiza, Mykonos, London and now Majorca.

Located in a popular area that hosted the famous Tito’s nightclub for many years, Lío has a capacity of 336 dining covers for the dinner show. However, after the show has finished, the room is transformed into a pulsating nightclub that can accommodate up to 700 people.

The lighting designer for Lío Mallorca is Pedro Marcé Socias, who is also currently lighting the new Lío London, and had previously performed the same role at Lío Ibiza.

He has drawn on quantities of GLP’s impression X5 Compact wash lights, X4 Bar 20 battens and JDC1 hybrid strobes to bring his design to life.

Marcé says he had no hesitation in specifying GLP. “GLP is well-known for the quality of its products,” he says. “The X5 Series incorporates a new lime chip and brand-new algorithm, called iQ.Gamut, enabling all X5 products to deliver accuracy, quality, and colour consistency every time. In addition, the extremely fast movement and new super-fast zoom is allowing me to create some mind-blowing effects.”

Talking specifically about the various fixture deployments, he highlights the impression X5 Compact as being the principle fixture. “We have a rig of 68 units, offering incredible colours and super-fast zoom. This means I can use the fixtures not only as side lights for the dancers but also for beam and wash effects throughout the whole auditorium.

“Since they are so versatile, the X5 Compact washes are hung all around the venue, on stage, on side-lights, for dining light, etc.”

One of the main features of the rig is a line of nine impression X4 Bar 20s and two X4 Bar 10 upstage as a floor package – used for back light, as well as for pixel effects.

However, the icing on the cake, he admits, is eight units of super-bright JDC1 hybrid strobes, hung from the rig at different heights over the stage.

The impression X5 Compacts are set to Mode 1 Basic (22ch), as they are for use as standard washes; the X4 Bars are used for pixel effects and are set to Single Pixel High Resolution, while the JDC1 strobes are also used for pattern effects and are set to Mode 3 SPix 68.

The lighting rig is completed with further LED spots and tubes, as well as follow spots and special effects such as fog machines. All lighting equipment was supplied by German company CGS.

Every season comes with a new show and new requirements. “That’s why every year there will be a newly-designed lighting rig,” concludes Pedro Marcé Socia.