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  • Powerful Discharge Lamp

    Powerful Discharge Lamp

    1,400 Watt Osram

    23,000 Lumen Output

    6,000 Kelvin Natural Spectrum

  • High CRI

    High CRI

    High Color Rendering Index of 90+

  • Fresnel Lens

    Fresnel Lens

    230 mm Fresnel Front Lens

    Soft Light Distribution

    5.5 to 63 degrees Zoom

  • Framing


    Precise Beam Control

    4 Blade Framing System, 0 – 100 %

  • Construction Features

    Construction Features

    Baseless Design

    Compact Size

    Low weight of 29.5 kg / 65 lbs


The HIGHLANDER Wash from GLP is a singular fixture that brings a new level of high performance, high output and high quality from a compact discharge source fixture with a superior optical system.

Using a 1,400 Watt lamp and outputting through a large 230 mm (9 inch) front lens, the GLP HIGHLANDER Wash delivers a truly massive light output, without ever sacrificing quality. With a native color temperature of 6,000 Kelvin, the HIGHLANDER Wash's optics have CRI, CQS and TM-30 quality indices all measuring 90 and above.

The HIGHLANDER Wash’s high output optical system features a 7 to 1 ratio zoom with a range from a tight 4 degrees, out to 61 degrees beam and 10 to 63 degrees field angle.

Beam control is available through an independent and snappy motorized iris, but also through a full feature framing system. This framing system gives 4 blade control with each blade being able to tilt on its axis and cross the entire beam like a curtain. With separate control over each blade, the beam can be controlled down to the finest detail, and recalled in an instant. The entire beam framing system can also be rotated through a 90 degree range for optimum control.

A glass, dichroic based cyan, magenta, yellow color system gives a full color pallet from the softest pastel shades to full saturation, and anything in between. This is supported by two separately controlled color wheels, each with 7 color positions plus open. The whole color output can also be temperature control anywhere from 2,700 to 6,000 Kelvin using a further separate dichroic based CTO system.

All combined, this gives the GLP HIGHLANDER Wash a comprehensive color range adaptable to any color temperature environment that it gets placed in.

Additional control features of the HIGHLANDER Wash include smooth dimming with multiple user-selectable curves, separate shutter control with built in macros, fast 16 bit pan and tilt movement and an ECO operating mode.

The GLP HIGHLANDER Wash is designed with a compact, baseless design that allows the unit to be hung in any orientation. Power is connected via Neutrik True1, whilst data is connected via 5 pin XLR or Ethernet, with DMX, Art-NET or sACN as available control options.

The HIGHLANDER Wash runs flicker free and has numerous additional convenience features including a battery powered control system for addressing and configuration without mains power; an auto sensing power supply; 4 carrying handles and a comprehensive set of rigging options. This, combined with its low weight of just 29.5 kg (65 lbs.), make the GLP HIGHLANDER Wash a truly versatile workhorse.




Referenced Tag-ID

Light Source

  • Discharge lamp
Light Source Power
  • 1,400 W
Light Source Lifetime
  • 750 h (L70)
CRI (Ra)
TM-30 Rf
TM-30 Rg

Optical System

22,000 lm
Min. Zoom
Max. Zoom
  • 60°
  • motorized
  • 2m – infinite
Focus tracking
  • yes
  • off, near, medium, far
Output Lens Diameter
230 mm / 9.1 in


Dimmer / Shutter
  • 0 – 100% electro mechanic
  • regular and random strobe and pulse effects
  • instant open and blackout
  • selectable dimmer curves
Framing Module
  • 4 separately movable shutters
  • each +/-30° positionable
  • 100% positionable into the beam
  • rotatable module +/- 45°
  • yes
Color mixing
  • CMY color mixing
  • fixed colors
CTC (Color Temperature Control)
  • variable CTC
  • mechanical
Color Wheel
  • 7 x dichroic filters + open
  • CTB Filter
  • CTO Filter
Color Wheel 2
  • 7 x dichroic filters + open
  • 670°
  • 264°


Position Feedback
  • yes


DMX channels
Control Modes
  • Normal
Control Modes
  • DMX (USITT DMX512-A)
  • RDM (ANSI/ESTA E1.20)
  • Art-Net
  • sACN
Setting and addressing
  • control panel with backlit graphic display
  • Jog Dial Navigation
  • DMX
  • RDM
  • illuminated graphic LCD
  • intuitive touch wheel control
  • self charging buffer battery
  • automatic orientation of the display
  • temperature controlled
  • overheating protection
Software Update
  • DMX link
  • auto start at power-on
High-Res Channels
  • Dimming
  • Pan
  • Tilt
Performance Modes
  • fast
  • medium
  • smooth
Dimming Curves
  • linear
  • soft
Fan Modes
  • regulated
  • high
Framing Control Modes
P/I, L/R


Signal connection
  • XLR 5-Pin
  • etherCON
  • In/Out
Power input
  • Neutrik powerCON TRUE1

Electrical Specifications

Power input
  • 200 – 240 VAC / 50 – 60 Hz (1.400 W lamp power)
Power supply
  • auto-ranging electronic switch-mode
Power supply cable
  • US: 16 A, 14 AWG, UL listed, E304117, SJT, 4.9 ft
  • EU: 16 A, 1.5 mm², H05VV-F, 1.5 m
  • T15A 250 V 6x32mm
max. power (@230V)
1,750 W, 7.6 A, PF >0.9
typ. Power (@ 230V)
1,750 W, 12 A, PF 0.XX

Thermal Specifications

  • temperature controlled, overheating protection
max. surface temperature (Ta = 40°C)
100°C / 212°F
max. ambient temperature (Ta max.)
45°C / 115°F
min. ambient temperature (Ta min.)
5°C / 41°F
Total heat dissipation (calculated, +/-10%)
5,980 BTU/h

Mounting Options

  • 2 pair of 1/4-turn locks
  • 2 eyelets for safety cable
  • M10 Screw Thread(s)
Safety wire attachment
  • 2 eyelets
  • Removable baseplate with brackets for ratchet belt
Hanging (vertically)
  • 4 Camlock and two M10 threads
  • dry
min. distance to combustible materials
  • 1 m / 39.4 in
min. distance to illuminated surfaces
  • 8 m / 26.4 ft


Housing Color
  • Black
Housing Material
  • high-impact flame-retardand thermoplastic
  • steel metal plates
Protection Rating
  • IP 20
Construction Features
  • baseless design
  • integrated yoke handles
  • Tilt-Lock-System
  • modular slide in system
  • service friendly filter system
  • service friendly light source change

Dimensions & Weight

Height (head vertical)
773 mm / 30.4 in
Width (head)
600 mm / 23.6 in
Width (across yoke)
492 mm / 19.4 in
Min. center-to-center
730 mm / 28.7 in

Approvals and Classification

EN 62471
  • Risk Group 2

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