Theatre between the rocks: Luisenburg festival opts for weatherproof spots from FUSION by GLP

FUSION X-PAR 12Z and FUSION Stick FS20 light up Germany’s oldest open-air stage over many months

The upper Franconian town of Wunsiedel is not only home to the largest rock labyrinth in Europe, but also the oldest open-air stage in Germany, which is used by the Luisenburg Festival every year during the summer months. The performance area of ​​the main stage extends over several levels amidst rocks and forest. In this unique natural setting, the technical team at the Luisenburg Festival once again used weatherproof spotlights from FUSION by GLP this year.

24 FUSION X-PAR 12Z, 24 FUSION Stick FS20, 12 FUSION SuperNova SN70 and four GLP impression X5 washlights formed part of the lighting design for the 2023 season, with the Sticks FS20 having been specified for the third year in a row.

The lighting of the rock stage is redefined year after year based on the performance plan, with the position of the material defining the requirements, as Michael Lindner, assistant to the festival’s technical director (Fabian Schröter), explains: “As an open-air stage, we use around 80% weatherproof material that stands unprotected in nature for a good six months per season. The lights that are used under the tent roof [the public gallery] have different requirements … this is more about low-noise operation.

”This year, the 24 FUSION X-PAR 12Z served both as alley lights and as ambient lighting. “Originally we just wanted to use it as ambient lighting to generate more illumination. After the first set of tests, the team quickly realised that they would also do a great job as an alley light. The zoom was particularly helpful here,” says Michael Lindner. “Although the devices are very impressive in terms of zoom and light output, the design is unfortunately a bit too large for our purposes. We are therefore eagerly awaiting the more compact FUSION X-PAR 8Z.

”The FUSION X-PAR 12Z is ​​an LED PAR in IP65 design with a 120W single-source COB RGBL LED and Fresnel optics. Its 190 mm front lens creates an eye-catching light output for strong, assertive images. Thanks to the generous zoom (8.5° to 55°), the X-PAR 12Z confidently covers a wide range of lighting situations.

The FUSION Stick FS20, which is also weatherproof, stood out once again at the festival. They served as foot ramps on the front stage, various platforms and secondary performance areas. “This year we worked with our own Sticks FS20 for the first time. We invested in 24 pieces and are completely satisfied with them,” says Michael Lindner. “They are excellent waterproof foot ramps. We use all 24 Sticks in pixel mode.”

Twelve SuperNova SN70s from the FUSION by GLP portfolio were also used to illuminate the stage surroundings. Furthermore, four impression X5 wash lights were used for the first time at the Luisenburg Festival.

The festival’s lighting concept is always a cooperative between three people: the artistic director Birgit Simmler addresses the artistic area, the lighting operator/designer determines the selection of positions and Michael Lindner manages the lamp types and the positional setup. This year Markus Seemeier was responsible for the lighting design in collaboration with the festival’s lighting department.

GLP has been supporting the Luisenburg Festival for several years. “The collaboration with GLP is excellent and always competent,” states Lindner. “We are well looked after by both Oliver Schwendke and Antje Bischoff.”

The Luisenburg Festival events are produced by Colito Productions, for whom Andreas Schöpf is in charge.