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  Name Description
impression Wash One Boasting a 400W RGB LED light engine, and the same groundbreaking technology as the Spot One, the fully-featured luminaire is able to deliver...
impression E350 With its extensive features and compact size, the impression E350 is the first choice for medium-range LED spots.
impression Laser Der GLP impression Laser ist ein Pure Diode Laserprojektor in RGB und begeistert alle, die mit der Zeit gehen; jene, die immer einen Schritt voraus...
JDC1 Case 4 Stack Case for up to 4x JDC1
X4 atom PSU 12 RM Rack mounted 19" PSU for up to 12x X4 atom
HIGHLANDER Wash Case Stack Case for 1x HIGHLANDER Wash
impression X4 Bar Case Amptown Stack Case for up to 8x impression X4 Bar 10 or for up to 4x impression X4 Bar 20
Fader Wing Der Creation II Fader Wing stellt dem Anwender zehn weitere Fader zur Verfügung und ist somit die beste Lösung, wenn Sie für Ihre Show...
KNV Line 5 Power-Pixel in line, up to 50,.000 lm per module, IP54 rated, modular system for creative and individual designs
JDC1 Case 6 Stack Case for up to 6x JDC1