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  • Switch to grid layout
  • Swtich to table layout

Compact Moving Head, powerful 60 W RGBW LED, wide color spectrum, fits any ERCO and its any ERCO and compatible 3-phase tracks

Stack Case for up to 6x KNV Cube

The PDS Power Distribution suitcase can be used in a flexible manner in many applications; it can be safely powered in any outdoor event and boasts a...

Stack Case for up to 25x KNV Dot as well as 1x KNV PSU Rigging

Stack Case for up to 4x KNV Arc

Type H2 High Bay Lights from GLP provide highly effective lighting for workplaces, high bays and large hall areas up to 8 meters high. 

63 A Power Supply with four 16 A CEE Outputs on the backside.

PSU for KNV Dot and KNV Line

32 A Power Distribution with one SCHUKO- and one CEE Output on the front- and six SCHUKO Outputs on the backside.

Brackets for impression X4 Bar Series