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  Name Description
impression FR10 Bar New Optical System, 10 x 60 Watt RGBW LEDs, Fresnel Lense, large reference of color macros and color filters.
impression FR1 Compact Moving Head, powerful 60 W RGBW LED, wide color spectrum
impression S350 The GLP impression S350 is the next generation of LED Moving Head Profiler, with an uniquely designed full spectrum light source.
impression X4 XL 55 high power RGBW LEDs (each 15 W), highly efficient 7 – 50° zoom lense, unique and unmatched in the lighting market. 
impression S350 Wash Premium White-Light Quality, Framing System, Flicker free operation, CTC System from 8,000 K to 2,500 K, baseless design
FUSION Exo Beam 10 IP65 Moving Head with 1° Beam, 90 W 7,500 K White Light LED Engine for sharp Beams even at long distance
impression E350 With its extensive features and compact size, the impression E350 is the first choice for medium-range LED spots.
FUSION Exo Wash 30 IP65 Moving Head Wash Light, 7 powerful 40 Watt RGBW Osram LEDs, wide color range including saturated and pastel shades, single pixel control
impression FR1 TM Compact Moving Head, powerful 60 W RGBW LED, wide color spectrum, fits any ERCO and its any ERCO and compatible 3-phase tracks
FUSION Exo Spot 30 IP65 Moving Head Spot, 230 W 7,500 K White Light LED Engine with CMY Color mixing, 7 – 30° Zoom