X4 atom Accessories

various helpful Accessories for X4 atom

SKU Name Description
767003 X4 atom Spigot Spigot (16 mm) with screw
767005 X4 atom Trussbar Hanging-bracket for 4x X4 atom incl. 4x X4 atom Connectors
767103 X4 atom 8-Lite Frame Hanging-frame für 8x X4 atom
767104 X4 atom Hanging-Frame Hanging-frame for one X4 atom, for suspended lamp applications
767105 X4 atom Flex Connector connects two X4 atom, adjustable and fixable angle
767106 X4 atom Flexible TV-Pin Connector with mounted spigot (16 mm)
767107 X4 atom Sixbar Frame to hang or stand, for 6x X4 atom
767109 X4 atom Spigot Assembly Spigot (16 mm) with hinge, mounted on X4 Connector
767110 X4 atom 4-Lite Frame Hanging-frame for 4x X4 atom
767120 X4 atom Fresnel Fresnel lens, ideal for TV and general filming
207010502 X4 atom Filter Holder  
GLP-10709 X4 atom BubbleGum frosted dome, acrylic glass
GT5071 Mini TV Clamp Clamp for Spigot (SKU 767003)
X4 atom Hanging Frame



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