GLP Tech News 2019/10/30

GLP Tech News 2019/10/30
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Tech News - 2019/10/30

Dear ,
please find important technical information for fixture software updates as below.

Many thanks for your kind attention in advance.

GLP delivers impression X4 and the D3-Prog firmware uploader from now on with the below software.


X4 V1.57/72/16/17   ( Main/ LED/ Pan/ Tilt)

Main changes from 1.48/71/16/17 to 1.57/72/16/17


  • DMX: added function to switch to a soft fade out dimmer function.
    Therefore set Control/ Reset channel between DMX values 020 ‚Äď 029.
    This setting is active only as long as this value is sent from the console.


  • Solved a problem where some fixtures had an intensity drop in
    DMX HighRes-Mode at DMX value 240 - 255.



Fixtures can be updated daisy chain via DMX/RS485
with the hex file ‚ÄúMain_X4_PG_V157.Hex‚ÄĚ in most cases.

However, there were reported issues that the update doesn¬īt work daisy chain.
In this case, the affected device must be updated in two steps:

1. The corresponding  bootloader has to be uploaded to the main PCB directly.
The display will keep flashing after the bootloader update to show the fixture is waiting for the main application.
2. The main application has to be uploaded  then via DMX, daisy chain to the connected fixtures.

Therefore we do strongly recommend not to perform this update on a running setup on site.

When importing the hex files to a D-Prog make sure that you choose the file type ‚ÄúIntel standard (HEX)‚ÄĚ before uploading the files to the programmer.

Please make sure that no other DMX receivers or consoles are active on the line while updating via DMX.
Please use DProg with V15 or higher.


impression X4 V157 ( zip | 130.4 KB)

D*Prog V42  and  pa612-32 


  • This firmware allows¬† to update all kind of D-Progs in the market to the same software level ¬†V42 ( except the very first versions without display)
  • In addition with the pa PC Software version 612 it is possible to choose between 4 and 16 storages per D*Prog.This is important and enables the D2Prog and former D-Prog series with less memory ¬†for ¬†updateing the S350 series and HIGHLANDER with the latest bigger software packages.¬†


Programmers can be updated with the update function of the pa software if a bootloader V3 is installed, already. The bootloader version can be checked in the special menu of the D*prog.

If this bootloader is not installed the bootloader has to be updated ISP, first, with a seond D*Prog.


D*Prog Firmware V42 ( zip | 5 MB)

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