GLP Tech News 2019/04/20

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Tech News - 2019/04/20

Dear ,

please find important technical information for fixture software update as below.

GLP delivers impression S350 and impression E350 from now on with the below software:

impression S350  V48/46/32/25  ( Main/ Effect/ LED/ Network)
impression E350  V48/46/32/25  ( Main/ Effect/ LED/ Network)

Main changes from 46/41/32/25 to 48/46/32/25


  • ¬†None¬†


  • Solved: In some very rare circumstances fixtures react on glitches on the DMX line and show an unexpected movement on Pan/Tilt.


Main, Effect and Pan-Tilt driver can be updated in sequence (D2Prog Version 38 or higher).

Or in one single file (D3Prog, Version 38 or higher).
When importing the hex files into a Dprog (version 38 or higher) please make sure that you choose the file type Intel standard file (Hex- file) before uploading the files to the programmer.

Fixtures can be updated daisy chain via RS485/DMX. Please make sure that no other DMX receivers or consoles are active on the line.


impression S350 Firmware V48 20190418 (  zip | 5.48 MB)
impression E350 Firmware V48 20190418 (  zip | 5.48 MB)

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