GLP Tech News 2019/04/17

GLP Tech News 2019/04/17
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Tech News - 2019/04/17

Dear ,

please find important technical information for fixture software update as below.

GLP delivers KNV Cube and KNV Arc from now on with software version 14.8

Main changes from V14.3 to V14.8


  •  Added DMX Mode 8
  •  Added Manual Control
  •  Added possibility to capture, store and play a scene
  •  Added RDM PID for test pattern (helps to see if fixture orientation is correct)
  •  Various settings can be done now via RDM, including set sACN universe, set Artnet universe, or limit the ouptut 


  • Solved: Fixtures were lagging when too much broadcast traffic.
  • Solved: sACN configuration could be reconfigured to Universe 1 by accident
  • Solved: Shutter Channel Setting in the Special Channel for Mode 1,6,7 was not working as expected
  • Solved: Color and FX engine priority in Mode 5 and Mode 8 were not working correct. (Layer 2 must have highest priority – Layer 1 mid priority – background has lowest priority)
  • Solved: Rate Channel sometimes not reacted immediately 


This is a major update and show critical because Effect Engine Priority is corrected in Mode 5 and Mode 8 and therefore may behave different.
This update is strongly recommended because of the bugfixes concerning Artnet and sACN.


Update with D3Prog, only, Version 38 or higher / PC software Version 605 or higher
Change filetype to Bin before you open the file with the PC software.
Make sure that KNV protocol Mode is set to DMX before the update!

Update via Artnet and sACN is not supported.


KNV Cube Arc Firmware V14.8 Rev.20190416 (  zip | 5.25 MB)

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