GLP Tech News 2018/09/27

GLP Tech News 2018/09/27
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Tech News - 2018/09/27


JDC-1 -  V 1.71/68/18

Main changes from 1.62/68/18  to 1.71/68/18


Added "Aggressive Mode"

In aggressive flash control mode, flash rate and duration are controlled as in normal flash mode, but if intensity on the plates is below 100%, the extra available power is pushed to the beam LEDs. This gives an even more powerful beam flash than in the other flash modes.

If plate LEDs are at zero intensity, enabling aggressive flash mode will give maximum beam flash intensity. If you increase plate intensity, beam and plate output will be balanced to give the best performance. If you set plate intensity to maximum, beam intensity will be the same as in normal flash mode.
Refer to updated user manual for settings on how to implement this new feature:    
Software download and updated manual  

Bug Fixes:

Various RDM Bug Fixes.


  • All 3 driver files have to be updated ¬†in sequence.
  • When importing the 3 bin files to a D3Prog make sure that you choose the file type BIN before uploading the files to the programmer.
  • Fixtures can be updated daisy chain via DMX.¬† Please make sure that no other DMX receivers or consoles are active on the line

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