Tech News 2023/01/17 [impression X5]

Tech News 2023/01/17 [impression X5]
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‍Tech News - 2023/01/17

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Please find important technical information below.

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GLP impression X5


  • ‍Fixed bug in dimmer curve in RGBL - ColorMix Mode


‍If fixtures are on V0.12.6 or earlier, an iQ.Mesh Update has to be performed via the iQ.Mesh App.If fixtures are on V0.12.6 or earlier an iQ.Mesh Update has to be performed via the iQ.Mesh App.Afterwards 2 files have to be uploaded via DMX/RS485. First the new Bootloader, second, the Main application.Please take care that fixtures don’t loose power between the two updates. (Step 1, 2, 3)

If fixtures are already on V0.14.4, only the main application V0.14.5 has to be uplaoded. (Step 3 only)

  1. Mesh Update to Version 5.0.26
  2. Upload: impression-X5_0.14.5_BOOTDMX.bin
    This has to be done via DMX, D3Prog, daisy chain. To get all drivers internally updated please wait 5 minutes after this update before you proceed with step 2. During Step1 the fixtures display can go off. Don’t worry. Just wait the specified 5 minutes. The display will go On after step 2 again.
  3. Upload: impression-X5_0.14.5_DMX.bin


When importing the bin files to a D3Prog make sure that you choose the file type „BIN“ before uploading the file to the programmer.


The fixtures can be updated daisy chain via DMX/RS485. Please make sure that no other DMXreceivers or consoles are active on the line and fixtures Control Protocol is set to DMX


This update is show critical as pattern, dimming, colormix and shutter behavior is changed and should not be done on site. V0.12.4 and 0.12.6 is stable, still.


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