Tech News 2022/09/23 [impression FR10 Bar]

Tech News 2022/09/23 [impression FR10 Bar]
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Tech News - 2022/09/23

Dear ,

Please find important technical information below.

Many thanks in advance for your kind attention.

impression FR10 Bar

Main changes from V51 to V60


As there is no stable supply for Tilt motor driver ICs guaranteed anymore for our mass production we need to react and produce now with different ICs.

This software V60 is running on all supplied hardware versions.

To prepare fixtures below version 60 a new Bootloader has to be
installed before updating the main firmware V60.

Both updates can be done via DMX (daisy chain), one after the other.


  • None. Version 51 is stable, still. However for future updates we recommend
    to update all fixtures to V60 as soon as possible.


  • Update with D3Prog, only, Version 42 or higher / PC software Version
    605 or higher, daisy chain via RS485/DMX

  • Change file type to .bin before you load the file with the PC software
    onto the D3Prog and make sure fixtures are running in DMX Mode.

  • Make sure no other DMX controllers or responders are active.

  1. Update: FR_10_Main_Up_Bl_V6.bin.
    After the update fixtures will check themselves if battery level is OK to continue with the update. If the battery is too low, a warning will appear. So you can then
    either wait until the battery is charged or you can continue, confirming
    warning by pressing any button. Just make sure that fixtures and the
    uploader is connected to stable mains.

  2. Repower, fixtures start blinking >> boortloader is waiting for main

  3. Update: FR_10_DMX_V60.bin



  • FR_10_Main_Up_Bl_V6.bin

  • FR_10_DMX_V60.bin


Updating is not recommended during an ongoing production.


GLP impression FR10 Bar Firmware V60 Rev20220923-2 (zip | 225.95 KB)

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