GLP Tech News 2022/06/24 [JDC1, FR1, D3Prog]

GLP Tech News 2022/06/24 [JDC1, FR1, D3Prog]
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Tech News - 2022/06/24

Dear ,

Please find important technical information below.

Many thanks in advance for your kind attention.

JDC1 Firmware Update 

Main changes from V1.91 to V1.95


Added: Display Lock
Push Button 1, 2 and 4 together to lock and unlock the display


Solved: Maximum temperatures were not shown correctly in the information menu. 


1 file has to be updated via DMX/RS485:

JDC-1 Main DMX V195_F1_71_20_F4_72_22.bin (via D2PROG or D3PROG)

When importing the bin file to a DProg, make sure that you choose the file type BIN before uploading the file to the programmer.

Fixtures can be updated daisy chain via DMX. Please make sure that no other DMX receivers or consoles are active on the line.

If your fixture is on V1.78 or below you have to update the Bootloader first before updating the main application (JDC-1_Main_UpData_BlV3_V4.bin via D2PROG or D3PROG).


Please take care with the new RDM commands. Factory Defaults will set back DMX start address and DMX Mode to defaults!

If the fixture is still on version 1.78, still, please update the Bootloader first!


GLP JDC1 Firmware V195 Rev20220623-1 (  zip | 426.82 KB)

impression FR1 Firmware Update


  • Increased the minimum display contrast to 30
  • Increased the minimum display wait to blackout time to 10 seconds¬†
  • Before it was possible to set to 0 seconds which caused an immediate display blackout


  • Fixed: bug in the performance settings
  • Fixed: Pan Movement position was calculated wrong in some circumstances
  • Reduced movement noise on Pan/Tilt
  • Fixed Bug in RDM


Update can be done via DMX/RS485 with D3Prog Version 42 or higher.
When importing the bin files into a D3Prog (Version 42 or higher) please make sure that you choose the file type BIN before uploading the file to the programmer.

Two Files have to be uploaded in sequence.

First the main file, second the motor file.
(FR-1 Main V124.bin, FR-1 Motor V17.bin )

INFO / Warning - Major Update

This Update is show critical because of fixing bugs in the performance settings.


GLP impression FR1 Firmware V124 Rev20220623-1 (zip | 521.07 KB)

D3Prog/pa Firmware Update

Main changes from V42 to V49 and pa6.12  to pa6.21


This firmware combination allows to work on Windows 11 systems


Solved: Preliminary software release versions (below V 1.0, e.g. 0.11.4) are displayed correctly


Programmers running V42 can be updated with the update function of the pa software to V49 if a bootloader V3 is installed already. After the update is transferred , please wait at least 30 seconds until the D*Prog resets on its own.

The bootloader version can be checked in the special menu of the DProg.

If this Bootloader is not installed the bootloader has to be updated ISP, first, with a second DProg.


We suggest to store the executable programmer application V6.21 in a folder together with the ftdi driver, ftd2xx.dll. Usually no further action is needed. Just in case, you can install the driver manually, or execute the CDM21228_Setup file from FTDI


GLP D3Prog Firmware Rev20220622-1 (zip | 10.02 MB)

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