GLP Tech News 2022/05/17 [JDC1]

GLP Tech News 2022/05/17 [JDC1]
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Tech News - 2022/05/17

Dear ,

Please find important technical information for fixture hardware change as below.

Many thanks for your kind attention in advance.

GLP JDC1 - Change Note

GLP delivers the JDC1 from now on with a new white LED chip for the center strobe


The change to a new LED chip is necessary because the old type is discontinued from the supplier and the shipping quantities which are needed for a stable production are not guaranteed anymore.

The original LED from Cree will be changed to Luminus with a slightly different binning.

The new LED is a bit smaller than the discontinued one and so a minor physical difference can be seen when looking at the front of the fixture.
So a continuous usage of the fixture series is possible, these new LEDs are matched to the old ones as much as possible, but minor and slight differences may be noticed, due to the different binning.

Starting Serial Number Range

Based on the first 3 digits of the serial number, fixtures with the new LEDs can be easily identified: 

JDC1:  121XX-XXXXX  

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