GLP Tech News 2022/03/01 [JDC Line]

GLP Tech News 2022/03/01 [JDC Line]
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Tech News - 2022/03/01

Dear ,
please find important technical information for hardware change as below.
Many thanks for your kind attention in advance.

GLP delivers the JDC Line 500 / 1000 from now on with version V0.6.6


  • Fixed: RDM Identify
  • Fixed: Press and Hold Up + Down for 3s will show main fixtures settings
  • Fixed: DHCP / Custom IP interchanged
  • Fixed: High sACN /Artnet universes cant be stored
  • Fixed: Network Packet loss
  • Fixed: Network Disconnecting from time to time …
  • Fixed: Dimmer Curves


Two files have to be uploaded in sequence via DMX/RS485, one after the other:

1.  Upload: JDC-Line_0.6.6_BOOTDMX.hex

After the update of the new Bootloader is finished please wait about 30 seconds before the second step below

2. Upload:  JDC-Line_0.6.6_DMX.hex

Both via D2PROG or D3PROG

When importing the 2 hex files to a DProg make sure that you choose the file type „Intel Standard hex“ before uploading the files to the programmer.

The fixtures can be updated daisy chain via DMX/RS485Please make sure that no other DMX receivers or consoles are active on the line and fixtures Control Protocol is set to DMX.


  • JDC-Line_0.6.6_DMX.hex
  • JDC-Line_0.6.6_BOOTDMX.hex



The Update is show critical. (e.g dimmer curves and strobe timings)
Take care that you don´t lose power or connection during the update. So we don’t suggest this update on site!

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