GLP Tech News 2021/09/16 [FR1 TM ]

GLP Tech News 2021/09/16 [FR1 TM ]
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Tech News - 2021/09/16

Dear ,
please find important technical information for fixture software updates as below.
Many thanks for your kind attention in advance.

GLP delivers FR1 TM from now on with version 121-14-17

Main changes from V 118-13-14 to V 121-14-17


  • Increased the minimum display contrast to 30
  • Increased the minimum display wait to blackout time to 10.
    Before it was possible to set to 0 which caused an immediate display blackout


  • Fixed: Fixed: bug in the performance settings
  • Fixed: Pan Movement position was calculated wrong in some circumstances
  • Fixed: Reduced movement noise on Pan/Tilt


Update can be done with D3Prog Version 42 or higher.
When importing the bin file into a D3Prog (version 42 or higher) please make sure that you choose the file type BIN before uploading the files to the programmer.

Fixtures have to be updated ISP with an additional adapter cable from D-Prog to the Main PCB at J5/DMX.

Files have to be uploaded in sequence: 
First the main file, second the LED file, third the motor file.


Main V121.bin
LED  V14.bin
Motor V17.bin


GLP impression FR1 TM Firmware V121-14-17 Rev20210915-1 (zip | 195.04 KB)

INFO / Warning

Major Update

Update is show critical due to fix of bugs in the performance settings

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