GLP Tech News 2021/09/08 [impression FR 10 Bar]

GLP Tech News 2021/09/08 [impression FR 10 Bar]
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Tech News - 2021/09/08

Dear ,
please find important technical information for fixture software updates as below.
Many thanks for your kind attention in advance.

GLP delivers the impression FR10Bar from now on with version 30

Main changes from version 24 to version 30


  • Added: RDM via Artnet (if Auto-IP is used)
  • Added: Color Mix Priority Setting (with 3 options) in the control channel and display menu for Mode 2 and Mode 4. Mix (HTP)(Default), Priority L3 > L2 > L1, Priority L1 > L2 > L3.


  • Resolved: Changed the Pattern style according to Pattern document FR10Bar Rev20200928
  • Resolved: Bug in the Bootloader behaviour therefore 2 updates have to be performed in sequence via DMX
  • Fixed: The Global Intensity Channel CH 03 & 04, as well as the Global Shutter Channel CH 05 will control the Output of the full fixture (all Layers). This was not working in V24 and V20


  • Update with D3Prog, Version 42 or higher / PC software Version 605 or higher, daisy chain via RS485/DMX
  • Change filetype to Bin before you open the file with the PC software and make sure fixtures are running in DMX Mode.
  • Make sure no other DMX controllers or responders are active.
  • First: Upload Bootloader V5 via RS485/ DMX daisy chain
    After updating the Bootloader, wait until you are asked to repower the fixture. Repower, then the display will blink two times repeatedly, showing that the fixture is waiting for the Main Application.
  • Second: Upload Main Version 30 via RS485/ DMX daisy chain. When the update is finished the fixture will make a reset.


  • V30 Main, V12 LED, V3 Motor Driver
  • BL V5


GLP FR10 Bar Firmware V30-12-3 Rev20210823 ( zip | 214.69 KB)

INFO / Warning

Update is show critical!

•The update is show critical, as global intensity and shutter channels bug is fixed, Color Mix priority Setting is added and Pattern were corrected.

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