GLP Tech News 2021/07/29 [KNV Dot/Line]

GLP Tech News 2021/07/29 [KNV Dot/Line]
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Tech News - 2021/07/29

Dear ,
please find important technical information for fixture software updates as below.
Many thanks for your kind attention in advance.

GLP delivers KNV Dot/Line PSU from now on with version 34

Main changes from version 23 to version 34


  • Added most important information to the Main Display View
    e.g. protocol mode with respective details, dimmer curve, PWM frequency and pixel limit settings.
  • Factory Backup is now available via RDM
    Take care because all settings will be reset to factory delivery setup and fixtures will change all values to default including start address, control mode and control protocol!
  • The PSU will now detect if connected Dots and Lines are on the corresponding software. If not, the display will show “UPDATE”. The update could be started then within the service menu/advanced section, at any time.


  • Fixed PWM settings. PWM can be set via display and DMX now.
    2400Hz, 3000Hz(default), 4800Hz, 9600Hz and 25kHz is available
  • Pattern layer priority and fx crossfades working
  • Pixel Limit settings are now shown and working correctly


Update can be done with D3Prog Version 38 or higher.
When importing the bin file into a D3Prog (version 38 or higher) please make sure that you choose the file type BIN before uploading the files to the programmer.

Fixtures can be updated daisy chain via RS485/DMX. Please make sure that no other DMX receivers or consoles are active on the line.

After updating the PSU all connected Dot or Lines should be updated as well. This can be started from the
menu > service > advanced > fixture upgrade > upgrade all.


GLP_KNV_PSU_V34(zip | 267.11 KB)

INFO / Warning

Major Update – This update is strongly recommended if use the fixtures in cross rental.

Update is show critical!

The Update could change the output as pixel limit settings, crossfade and priority settings working now as expected.

PWM Default is changed to 3000Hz so if you want to use 2400Hz you need to change this back in the settings or via DMX in the control channel.

All Dots and Lines have to be updated as well, for this the PSU checks all connected fixtures automatically and will  show UPDATE if needed.
This can be started from the menu > service > advanced > fixture upgrade > upgrade all.

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