The PDS Power Distribution suitcase can be used in a flexible manner in many applications; it can be safely powered in any outdoor event and boasts a spill-resistant design.

Without being bulky or cumbersome the PDS protects the PDU from humidity and moisture with its IP 44 rating. In addition it is ideal for use on construction sites, to get a lighting system up and running quickly, while at the same time being protected from dirt. In fact this easily transportable and stackable Power Distribution Suitcase is an ideal companion for any outdoor usage. It can easily be secured with a padlock to protect it against unauthorised use.

Anything that needs to be housed in a heavy and bulky rack can be installed here as a complete solution directly in a suitcase with 7.5 kg flyweight. The sockets are screwed directly to the housing and the dimensions of the case are just 510mm x 200mm x 410mm (LWH).

There are separate versions for both 16 and 32 amps. But for an extra layer of safety, opt for the ‘S’ version. Here, each of the six outlets has an extra circuit breaker and the event or construction project will continue running, even on short circuit, without interruption.


SKU Name Description
6517 Power Distribution Case PDS-16  
6518 Power Distribution Case PDS-16-S RCBO Version of PDS-16, 3x RCBO
6527 Power Distribution Case PDS-32  
6528 Power Distribution Case PDS-32-S RCBO Version of PDS-32, 6x RCBO

Technical data

Power Distribution Suitcase (PDS)

Mains voltage
380 – 400 V AC, 50Hz
510 x 200 x 410 mm / 20.07 x 7.87 x 16.14 in
Weight (kg)
7 / 7.5
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