• Color Temperature Control

    Color Temperature Control

    Variable warm to cool

    color temperature control (1,900 – 5,600 K)

  • Bright Output

    Bright Output

    Bright Output of up to 6,000 lm

  • Remote Control

    Remote Control

    Internet based remote control of Streamer

Streamer by GLP

In today’s digital world, our image is dependent upon what others see when they see us on the other end of the stream. Propelled by the pandemic, video conferencing is how we connect with others. Person to person is now face to screen.

GLP introduces Streamer, a compact, flexible, LED light source that transforms your image with professional, studio lighting. Streamer is designed exclusively for professionals who value projecting a professional image.

Out of the box, Streamer is equipped with built-in presets, including standard white color temperature settings, so you instantly look great for your live or recorded video streams, conference calls, or other video based presentations. You can also adjust the color temperature values to ensure your image represent the highest level of professionalism.


SKU Name Description
7830 Streamer Deluxe Control Kit Case contains: 1x GLP Streamer, 1x Tripod, 1x Suction Cup, 1x 12" Gooseneck, 1x USB-B to USB-A Adapter, 1x USB-C Cable
7602W Streamer Duo Control Kit enthält: 2x GLP Streamer, 2x Tripod, 2x Suction Cup, 2x 12" Gooseneck, 2x USB-B to USB-A Adapter, 2x USB-C Cable
GLP Streamer



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Light Source

  • White & Amber LEDs
CRI (Ra)
Color temperature
1,900 – 5,600 K

Dimensions & Weight

L x W x H
5.9 x 1.3 x 1.3 in
0.4 lbs

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