Michael Pagan uses impression X4 to light production of Rent

A former student at Dr. Phillips High School Theatre Magnet in Orlando, Florida, has been making creative use of GLP’s cutting state-of-the-art X4 series to light school productions.

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Michael Pagan’s interest in lighting design dates back to his school days, starting off in the theatre world. “I became more and more interested in the art of lighting during middle school and when I first did my internship at PRG Orlando I saw GLP’s X4’s being tested for the first time and witnessed how much they could do,” he remembers.

He undertook his first design using the fixtures for Orlando Business Journal. “The client wanted movement but we needed to keep the power consumption low, so the impression X4 was the answer.”

It’s such a versatile light.”

Michael Pagan

He says there was much that impressed him about the fixture. “They are light weight but have the brightness equivalent to an arc lamp. The vibrant colors, where I can go from a pastel look to a deep saturated color, and the large number of patterns built in, also stood out. Personally, my favorite feature is the zoom, which is so dynamic, going from a beam to covering a stage in color in a matter of seconds. It’s such a versatile light.”

As an alumnus of Dr. Phillips High School, he was invited by the school’s Theatre director, Jason Whitehead, to design the production of Rent, the opening show of the new season. “I specifically asked to use the impression X4 again as I had used them on an earlier show in order to demo them to Jason. When even the fixture stands out to the director you know it’s definitely worth it!”

PRG came across with inventory as 12 of the GLP impression X4 (grouped in three lines of four) lit the stage. “The challenge going into this was that I knew I needed to go from big concert rock feeling ensemble numbers, with the stage covered in color, to silhouette and intimate looks throughout the show,” explains Michael. “That’s when the beams were caught in the haze and the whole production came alive.”

The lighting was triggered from an ETC ION console, and with the fixture profiles loaded “programming and setting up all my pallets was a breeze.”

After the four day season had completed Michael Pagan quickly moved on to another show called Songs Of A New World, where he is again using the X4 — this time as a front wash as well as moving specials throughout the show. “Again I have been taking full advantage of their zoom and color.”

The LD has already been recognised for his artistry with an Applause Awards nomination, the program designed to honor and celebrate excellence in High School Musical Theatre. “This nomination was important because of the recognition that the lighting had become another character in the show. It helped the audience to feel the love, happiness and sorrow in the show — and to be recognized for this achievement is superb to me,” concludes the designer.

Photo Credit: Claudia Valcich


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