Tech News 2023/03/16 [impression FR10 Bar & JDC Line 500/1000]

Tech News 2023/03/16 [impression FR10 Bar & JDC Line 500/1000]
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‍Tech News - 2023/03/16

Dear ,

Please find important technical information below.

Many thanks in advance for your kind attention.

GLP JDC Line 500/1000 - Software Update V0.72


Added support for new FLASH IC

Changed ArtNet port settings


One file has to be uploaded via DMX/RS485:

1. Upload:  JDC-Line_0.7.2_DMX.bin

The fixtures must be updated via D3Prog daisy chain via DMX/RS485.Please make sure that no other DMX receivers or consoles are active on the line and fixtures Control Protocol is set to DMX.


Please make sure that your D3Prog is at least on V42 and your transfer software programmer app on version 612 or higher.


This update is show critical as dimmer curve, color calibration shutter rate and duration channels are affected.


GLP IMPRESSION FR10 BAR - Software Update V62


Solved: Fixtures loosing tilt and zoom position. 

The problem occures during very very slow movements only, but position can shift then extremly!


Update with D3Prog, only, Version 42 or higher / PC software Version

605 or higher, daisy chain via RS485/DMX


Updating is show sensitiv as zoom and tilt speed was affected by the bug!

To prepare fixtures below version 60,  a Bootloader update has to be installed before updating the main firmware V62.

Both updates can be done via DMX (daisy chain), one after the other.


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