"The Dome 62" with GLPs Wash One and impression 90

German LD Nik Evers uses impression 90 and impression Wash One for Germanys most popular music show on TV

"The Dome" is known as Germanys most popular music show on TV. Since 1997, four times a year „The Dome“ delivers pop stars and DJs from various locations throughout Germany, the latest show was produced at the Colosseum, part of a former mining  plant and now a 3.000 guests musical theatre and concert location right in the center of Essen / Germany. Hosting Amy McDonald, Alex Clare, Marc Foster, Dante Thomas and ESC participants Jedward, the billing was quite over the top on this evening.

What makes "The Dome" quite different from other music TV productions is the way, LD Nik Evers and the whole team at "The Dome" approach the different artists. "We give any artist a individual look, concerning lights, set, mood and even props. Quite some time prior to the show, we get in contact with management and artists to gather their requirements for the upcoming show and try to adapt these ideas and looks into the show". And yet another little detail makes "The Dome" that different from any other TV format hosting pop- and rock stars. "We try to make it look like a real concert, especially on the screens. It’s more than just shooting a band on stage, it’s very much about feelings, mood and atmosphere we try to deliver. For both, the audience on TV and on location" as Evers explains.

A key part of Evers´ lighting design is the location itself. With the Colosseum as a former industrial facility, there are many options for highlighting left items from the former purpose or certain varieties the building still has. "For that kind of architectural lighting, I prefer low light, but with setting accents on the architecture", as Evers states and why he loves using LED lights for such tasks. But the GLP impression 90 - Evers uses 44 of them at the Colosseum – offers him further more benefit. "They are lightweight, handy and due to the baseless design nice to look at" he tells us. "In a location like the Colosseum, this type of fixture just makes the day as setup times are low and some positions I´d like to highlight are hard to reach."

On stage, Nik Evers uses some more gear from GLP – 12 brand new Wash One are serving as floor lights right in front of the giant screen that closes up downstage. "Some new, different colors and some new and different ways of painting with light was my idea behind using the Wash One fixture", Evers explains. "Due to the LED RGB Engine, color mixing is incomparable to conventional fixtures – and that’s what makes the Wash One my first choice. Not only the colors are different, but also the sheer speed this fixture delivers. Color changes are on a blink of an eye, just as fast as if you were using strobelights."

And even more, the camera men and the producer love the Wash One - because of the total lack of flare lights. "We use them for hard shots right overhead the cameras and there is not a single flare light messing up the cameras.