GLP show first prototypes of new impression X4 at PL+S

GLP and G-LEC enjoyed one of their most successful trade shows ever at this year’s Prolight+Sound in Frankfurt, with their large, predominant stand in the lighting hall permanently packed.

Activity remained high throughout the four days and the stand itself received a great response from customers and distributors alike.

There were a number of product highlights for them to enjoy.

Prototypes of the baseless impression X4 washlight, which will ship early summer, were revealed for the first time. These contain 19 of the new Osram Quad Optic 15W RGBW LED’s (single LED’s each containing four colours), 7 to 50° Zoom to provide a good beam spread and matrix effects — all contained in a lightweight 7kg package.

GLP’s Head of Marketing, Uli Steinle also confirmed a number of sales for the pioneering new Spot One and Wash One, with the Spot featuring two rotating gobo wheels and optics, and high light output.

Also popular was the compact Creation II-1024 controller, with advanced feature set, offering a maximum of 1024 channels over DMX and ArtNet. It contains fewer buttons but is based on the same software as the larger Creation II 4096. In addition, GLP presented two extension wings, which are fully compatible with both controllers.

From G-LEC was the new Video Processor (GVP), available in three versions (Plus, Standard and PC) with generic features including a 30 sec set-up time and intuitive ‘What You See Is What You Get’ placement, offering individual panel scaling and a single video input to many different pixel pitches. The ease of frame set-up proved a popular feature and the company reported a lot of positive feedback.

Summarised Mark Ravenhill, President, GLP German Light Products Inc, “On the whole we are seeing things really run fast now and we will end up having a record breaking month for March.”