Five Year Warranty for latest LED Light Engine

In an unprecedented move, GLP have announced that the light engine used in their impression Spot One and impression Wash One fixtures now carries a full 5 year warranty.

<xml></xml>The LED engine, which is manufactured by Appotronics, gives the highest light output from a single RGB source in a Spot or Wash based fixture on the market today – and to ensure that customers are confident in this latest technology, GLP have issued this new warranty.

GLP’s Business Director, Kasper Gissel, commented “This 5 year warranty is something we are very proud to share with our customers. We know the reliablility of our fixture range and the component parts, like the Appotronics engine. We know from our customers that they are fed up with the wild and wacky claims we have seen from manufacturers in recent years regarding their LED sources, so it was time to get serious with a simple, straightforward warranty“.

The 5 year warranty covers the engines used in all existing and future fixtures within GLP’s impression Spot One and impression Wash One fixtures.