impression XLs light up the Hong Kong Peak Tower

Situated on top of the Victoria Peak is the famous Peak Tower, one of the most breathtaking landmarks in Hong Kong. It possesses an avant-garde design that is modern and inspiring.

In 2006, New York City based AWA Lighting Designers developed a lighting design to attract visitors to the Peak Tower. Upon arrival in the main Atrium, visitors could look up to view a massive field of convex panels, each illuminated by an individual LED lighting strip.

Although the LED lights produced a wonderful effect, as time passed, many of them failed. Due to the high ceiling and the open Atrium, it was almost impossible to reach the lights for maintenance. A decision was made to switch-off the LED strips completely and look for something new to light up the ceiling from a more accessible place that could be reached later for maintenance.

The Peak Tower management contacted Digi-Lite Ltd, a Hong Kong-based installer, for a solution to the lighting problem. Finding a solution would not be easy as it would have to be meet several conditions. The ceiling would have to be illuminated from a fixture that shined upwards from below instead of downwards from the ceiling to ease maintenance. The surface of the roof was not smooth but covered with tiles in a wave-like pattern which made it difficult for the lighting fixture to wash. Eventually, it was decided that the fixtures would be placed on a beam underneath the roof.

The impression 240 XL was chosen as the fixture to light the roof because of its unprecedented optical performance, both in terms of light output and the brightness of its colours. The fixture consists of 240 Luxeon K2 high-power LEDs. The XL is perfect for longer throw applications and produces very little noise through its integrated heat sink.

Michael Münz, General Manager of GLP German Light Products Asia Ltd, was pleased that the impression 240 XL was chosen to light the atrium roof. “GLP got involved in the project August 2010. We sent a fixture there first for demo. Then, around December, we had to provide some visualisations to show the feasibility and calculate the required lens-arrays. The XL has a standard beam angle of 10° but the fixtures used at the Peak Tower are equipped with the optional 25° (10 pieces) and 40° (4 pieces) lens arrays. We delivered the fixtures around March 2011,” he said.

The installation was completed smoothly in May 2011. “The lighting effect on the roof of the Atrium is now evenly bright throughout to attract the attention of all the Peak Tower guests,” Kong said enthusiastically. “The Peak Tower management felt very satisfied with the result as well.”