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One great „Lightsphere“ and 30 impressions for A-HA

More than 25 years after their stunning debut, scandinavian pop trio A-HA is on the road on their ultimate farewell – their “Foot of the Mountain” Tour. German lighting designer JoJo Tillmann is responsible for staging the light show and delivers spectacular visual effects, using a unique design of impression.

On the “Foot on the Mountains” tour, running until December 2010, lighting architecture is based on an “Ikosaeder”, a regular geometric body consisting of 20 metacentric triangles, equipped with a total of 30 GLP impression 90 fixtures, resulting in what Tillmann says can best described as a “Lightsphere”. This “Lightsphere”, main element of the lightshow, is suspended upstage above the artists and can be moved in any vertical direction, thus making it a key element of the show.

JoJo Tillmann on the GLP Impression and the “Lightsphere”: The lightweight and compact design and the flexibillity of the impressions is what really made the design possible in the first place. For me as a lighting designer such compact and lightweight equipment allows me to develop new designs and combinations of set- and lighting design, allowing for new and yet unseen combinations of the two. Moreover, the GLP Impression is an absolute reliable product - a decided benefit and absolute must-be for the touring business”.

German full scale rental company “satys&fy”, based in Werne, constructed the “Lightsphere”, engineered by Raphael Dierkes.