YPOC 700 switch on the HMS Belfast

5 GLP Ypoc 700 professional moving head projectors were installed in the ticket office to swathe large areas of the ship with carefully selected razzle dazzle’ gobo patterns and colours that took inspiration from our camouflage research. We devised scenes using the gobos in both static and rotating phases and in some scenes the gobos were aligned and then after time the patterns would start to distort. We programmed the moving heads to highlight different parts of the ship, including a scene with a sweeping gobo movement along the ship, to capture the public’s attention. The gobos were faded in and out to mask or reveal the ship.

The LEDs provided a base lighting scheme for the vessel on both sides, and when the gobos were layered on top, the LED colours came through from the background. With some scenes using static colour to be bold and eye-catching, other scenes had a gentle colour change to add to the movements of the gobos.



HMS BelfastHMS Belfast 2