Polarkreis 18 on tour with impression Laser

The German band Polarkreis 18 is touring with GLP equipment. Lighting designer Jan Kirchhoff is using eighteen impression 90 RGB units in white, six impression Lasers and six YPOC 700 CMY luminaires. The impression Laser being used on the current tour, which was presented for the first time at the PLASA 08 in London, represents a special highlight.

The Laser is a white-light laser system lodged in an impression housing. For the first time, the integrated laser sources and the optic system have been rendered sufficiently compact to fit the heatsink of an impression 90. Each of the light sources has been calibrated with such precision that the colour balance, with a deviation of only 4 nm (0,03’µ), equates to white on the CIEL colour palette. The white light output comes to 1.2W.

The Laser and the integrated media server can be controlled using up to twenty-two DMX channels. Individually programmable patterns can be transferred to the device simply via XD storage card; the exchanges can be effected from the outside. The USB connector and the supplied software allow adjustments to be made swiftly in day-to-day tour use. TOPAS AG has the impression Laser in stock in its rental park.

Polarkreis 18 are best known for their Number One hit “Allein, Allein” from the film “Krabat” as well as for coming second in the Bundesvision Song Contest. In February 2008, the group was one of the opening acts on the German tour of the Smashing Pumpkins. Stylistically, the Dresden band combines pop sounds with synth pop and indietronic.

Polarkreis 18