Scan Operator 12 PT Advanced

Like the Scan Operator 12 Advanced, the Scan Operator 12 PT Advanced is also based on the concept of well known and reliable hardware compared with a brand new GLP software. Thus Scan Operator 12 PT Advanced offers all features of the Scan Operator 12 Advanced including the new Midi Layouts, the Freeze Mode, a configurable Blackout and an adjustable Microphone.

As new functionality it offers easy access to the Pan/Tilt function of every Fixture by its 2 Jog Wheels. Any channel can be inverted and the intensive use of the LCD Display offers great readability. A further highlight is the programming of 6 selective overlays that can vary any running program or chaser.

  • 240 Scenes
  • 6 Chase-programs with up to 240 steps
  • 30 Bank with 8 free programable scene
  • DMX Channel adjustment via 8 fader with bank switch
  • Jog wheels for pan / tilt adjustment
  • Reverse for pan / tilt
  • Adjustable speed time of the scenes
  • Tap-sync function
  • Music control via build-in microphone
  • Infinitely variable fade
  • Master black-out
  • LCD display
  • Manual overwrite function
  • Midi note controled
  • All data can be sent or received between two units
  • Weight: 2,3kg
  • Dim: 19'' / 3 HE 65mm fitting size

Width of the base 340 mm
Length of the base 145 mm
height (head vertical) 370 mm

Weight 8 kg


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