Show Designer 1 Pro

The Show Designer 1 Pro is a new controller based on the approved Show Designer 1.

The difference is the new jogwheel and for Pan/Tilt control the integrated joystick.

The Show Designer 1 Pro combines direct and uncomplicated programming with a high level operation, and all this for a reasonable price. Up to 16 scanners or moving lights with 32 channels can be easily programmed by 8 faders in 4 banks. With user specific subroutines it is easily possible to control up to 64 units with 8 channels each or 128 units with 4 channels. Compared to most other small control desks, Show Designer 1 Pro can handle the complete range of 512 DMXchannels.

1024 scenes, 256 chases and 256 shows can be created easily by the faders, the new jogwheel and the joystick. Connect the SD 1 to a PC for software updates or backups. Excellent design, compact construction (3 HE) and an ergonomic 45° sloped panel for table usage complete the feature list.

  • DMX 512 channels
  • Pan/Tilt control via joystick
  • Programming of all functions via fader and jogwheel
  • 1024 Scenes, 256 Chaser, 256 Shows
  • All functions MIDI controlled
  • Audio-control and beat switch
  • Fade and Chase time to feed in scenes and program steps
  • Updates and backup via PC
  • Outlet for mouse and trackball for Pan/Tilt
  • Weight: 3,6kg
  • Dimension: 19'' / 3HE / 115mm

Width of the base 340 mm
Length of the base 145 mm
height (head vertical) 370 mm

Weight 8 kg


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1 Show Designer 1 Pro Fixture List pdf 2010/02/18 English
2 Show Designer 1 Pro Manual V1.0 EN pdf 2010/02/18 English
3 Show Designer 1 Pro Manual V1.0 DE pdf 2010/02/18 German
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