Startube 4 HiRes

The Startube 4 HiRes is a fluorescent tube lighting concept especially made for TV, Theatres and other applications where a very smooth dimming has a high priority – also in the dimming area of 0-10%. In this dimming area most of fluorescent tube lighting products cannot meet the requirements from real professional users – but the Startube 4 HiRes can indeed.

The system is available in: 4 x 36W T8 fluorescent tubes colored red, green, blue and white. The integrated 16 bit high resolution control electronics with its smooth and continuous dimming in a full 0-100% range and the switchable preheat of the tubes predestine the startube 4 HiRes  for use in theaters and other dark area applications.

Compatibility with the startube 4 is given by the choice in between the original startube 4 dimmer curve and the new one being much smoother in the lower range of dimming. In addition you have the possibility of switching the fixture from the preheat-switching five-channel mode to the old four channel compatibility-mode.

RGBW-Color mixing

By using additive color mixing and high resolution dimming, a uniform light distribution is achieved with an extremely high light output. The fixture is offering a very fast response, making it suitable for fast chasers and strobe-like effects. Each of the 4 tubes is individually controlled by a DMX512 channel. The start address of the fixture is easily adjusted by a set of buttons beneath the LED display. The fourth tube is used to boost the white brightness. Of course it is possible to replace the white tube for another color to optimize the light output to your needs.

An important feature is the locking single plug connection system making installation quick and easy. Thanks to an optimal power factor correction, the power consumption is low enough to connect up to 15 startube 4 HiRes to an 16A outlet via a startube 4 splitter.

Flexible Mounting Options

Integrated M10 threads for clamps, a camlock quick fix system, a mounting hole for a safety wire and the detachable floor stands simplify handling in touring use.

The housing of the startube 4 makes it possible to seamlessly stack the fixture in any direction to assemble large lighting panels. 1m, 2m, 5m, 10m and 20m extension cables are available as an accessory.

  • 4 x T8 fluorescent tubes 36W or
  • 4 x T8 fluorescent tubes 58W (available red, green,blue,white)
  • RGB - color mixing
  • DMX-512 control
  • 0-100% dimming
  • instant start system
  • Compact case
  • camloc – quick fix system
  • Fixtures connected by multicore cable
  • LED display for DMX start address
  • 36W: 1290 x 133 x 161mm, 11 kg
  • 58W: 1590 x 133 x 161mm, 13 kg