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Tuesday, den 10 August 2010

Paul Normandale produces inspired ‘peek-a-boo’ set behind louvred panels

Friday, den 30 July 2010

Leona Lewis’s new arena tour takes the concept of David Bowie’s 1986 movie Labyrinth, bringing with it many set rotations (and four costume changes) during the heavily scenic show.

Wednesday, den 14 July 2010

Designer Baz Halpin and show producer William Baker have created a new, sophisticated set for Westlife’s Where We Are arena tour. No fewer than 80 GLP impression moving LED’s have been incorporated into the set — cleverly...

Saturday, den 12 June 2010

Alicia Keys’ 2010 Freedom Tour of North America and Europe has seen a stunning set design from Baz Halpin and Chris Nyfield, using multiple GLP impressions for the first time.

Friday, den 28 May 2010

Lighting designer Gunnar Loose uses a variety of impressions and G-LEC Phantom 30 frames.


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