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Experienced German lighting designer, Henning Schletter (of Imaginary Lights) has become one of the first creatives in the world to adopt GLP’s new impression X4 Bar 20 LED batten lights – deploying them at a major product launch for Jaguar, in front of a star-studded audience that included British actor, and Hollywood star, Idris Elba.

In addition to starring as Luther and Nelson Mandela (in Mandela - Long Walk to Freedom) Elba is also a rapper and DJ. And tasked with launching the new Jaguar XE by driving the new sports sedan personally from London to Berlin, Elba later co-hosted a party behind the decks at the Umspannwerk Alexanderplatz, alongside Noah Becker.

It was here that Schletter set up his amazing lightshow, working for production company, die veranstaltungsmacher, in cooperation with Norbert Zitzmann Communications, the brand communication specialists.

The event was attended by a selective 200 VIP guests including German film stars Jürgen Vogel, Anja Kling and Hannah Herzsprung who gathered inside this former 1960s industrial power station, which has been converted into a multi-space, multi-purpose venue in Berlin’s famous square..

The relationship between Schletter and GLP dates back five years when the LD used the original impression 90 and 240 XL on Apassionata, the famous horse show, which visited some of Europe’s best known arenas.

Last year, he also partnered Björn Hermann for the momentous 25-years Fall of the Wall celebration at Brandenburg Gate — where the new X4 series moving lights were in use, and afterwards for a Cadillac reveal show in a Berlin parking lot.

He remembers that while those fixtures had to be ‘glued’ direct to the concrete ceiling, for this latest show at Umspannwerk Alexanderplatz the X4 Bar 20 strips were mounted on floor-standing upright pipes. “This was essential for the drive in of the Jaguar and the entry by the celebrity guest,” he states.

The GLP impression X4 Bar 20 uses high output RGBW LED’s, packed tightly to give a full batten of light along the 40 inch long X4 Bar 20. High quality optics ensure a smooth, homogenised output across the batten through a broad pallet of pastel and saturated colours, complemented by exceptional dimming and full pixel mapping capabilities via DMX.

Operating from a Hog 4 Roadhog desk, Henning was full of praise for the fixture’s ingenious tilt feature, stating, “This, in combination with the shape of the strip lights makes this fixture entirely unique.

“In fact the X4 Bar 20 is a completely original design,” he continues. “Prior to this you could either have a strip light producing static, blinding FX or the usual pan and tilt of a conventional moving head. A group of strips, which suddenly start to move, creates a surprise for everyone.”

In addition to that, he says, the zoom is essential. “When used with haze, it does not deliver a beam like conventional moving lights, but a complete ‘wall of light’, splitting the atmosphere.”

Henning took full effect of the RGBW colour library to produce some stunning combinations in single pixel mode. “I know the colours well from having used the X4 moving heads, and it really is a great colour palette, especially when it comes to the pastels,” he observes. “All the X4 range fixtures do a great job in this respect.”

There’s little doubt that Henning Schletter’s test drive of GLP’s new batten light was every bit as comfortable and enjoyable as that enjoyed in the seat of the Jaguar XE by Idris Elba — who is now tipped to become the next James Bond.

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Spectacular Super Bowl us debut for impression X4 Bar 20 http://www.glp.de/index.php?id=news_det&L=1&tx_ttnews%5Btt_news%5D=339&cHash=39984917e0b78060a9ffbfbf7813e8ae LD Bob Barnhart also turns to GLP’s X4 XL for Katy Perry’s Halftime Show GLP could hardly have picked a more auspicious event than the legendary Halftime Show at Super Bowl XLIX in Glendale, Arizona for its new X4 Bar 20 LED batten to make a spectacular North American debut.

For the duration of the 12 minute segment, at which Katy Perry headlined, experienced LD Bob Barnhart (of Full Flood) used 12 of the new X4 Bar 20, as well as 16 of another recently introduced fixture, GLP’s large format impression X4 XL (which features an impressive 55 x 15W LEDs).

For Barnhart, who has used various generations of the impression at other high profile events over the years, this was his 17th outing at the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

GLP US’s president Mark Ravenhill recalls his early conversations with the LD when he introduced the new X4 Bar 20, GLP’s new zooming and tilting batten unit. “Bob was looking for something new for the upstage portion of one of the stages — a low profile fixture that would add an extra dynamic — and this seemed the perfect solution.”

Barnhart himself remembers, “It was about two weeks before we loaded in when Mark made them available to me and showed me some videos.  This was certainly something new in terms of a strip light, particularly with the tilt option, and I knew it would enable us to produce some different effects.

“We had a good spot lined up for the Bar although we relocated the X4 XL’s to the band stages where we placed them on the risers to help outline the bands.”

Due to the X4 XL’s large aperture, Barnhart was not only able to achieve a different look with this deployment, but by using the pixel patterns that the unit produces in a number of segments, was able to add a further unique dimension.

A huge amount of logistical planning goes into a show on which such high expectations are riding — particularly as the production team has just eight minutes to set up for the 12-minute show, and then seven minutes to load it all out again. As for the layout, the main stage was positioned on the field’s 25 yard line, and was linked to Stage 2 via a catwalk.

But the preparation process begins a lot earlier and includes lighting director Dave Grill and programmer Peter Radice. “We start talking about approaches as soon as we see the building,” says Barnhart, “and this is months before the performer is selected.  We revisit as new information comes in and pick lighting positions before the creative has really settled, as the NFL needs to know where we want gear early in the process.”

The team also worked closely with Baz Halpin, Katy Perry’s production designer, and another who has specified the GLP impression on many occasions, as well as overall set designer, Bruce Rodgers.

Following previous half-time spectacular performances from Beyoncé (2013) and Bruno Mars (2014) this year’s set was again over the top, once Katy Perry entered on a giant tiger (with her performing sharks), to be joined by Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliott.

The lighting inventory was provided by PRG’s Los Angeles based account manager (and Super Bowl veteran) Tony Ward, who also doubled as Full Flood’s gaffer. “Full Flood is using a lot of gear at any one time and quite often around the world, so PRG has been able to support our projects when our shows start to collide,” explained Barnhart.  “Super Bowl, Grammys and Oscars [two Hollywood spectaculars where Tony Ward is also on duty] are all taking place at the same time, in addition to some other shows associated with those events.”

Meanwhile, on the evidence of Super Bowl, Bob Barnhart is in no doubt that the X4 Bar will form part of his tool-box on future shows. “I look forward to using them again — and in some different configurations,” he says.

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GLP delivers PUR light at giant VELTINS Arena http://www.glp.de/index.php?id=news_det&L=1&tx_ttnews%5Btt_news%5D=336&cHash=2ccf5801100e0e3a18d9de27f0915314 Veteran production designer Günter Jäckle has continued his long tradition of using GLP’s evolving... Best known for his production design work with the Scorpions or Grönemeyer, Jäckle this time used GLP’s new large format X4 XL for the first time with another legendary band, PUR. Billed as “PUR & Friends Mega Event”, it was the fifth time they had played this 75.000 capacity venue in 14 years (and their only live show in 2014). Needless to say there was not a spare seat in the house.

Jäckle started working with the band in the mid-90s, and initially adopted GLP’s original impression 90. Here in Gelsenkirchen he used ten of the giant X4 XL heads, which containing no fewer than 55 15W RGBW LEDs, coupled with 7°-50° zoom optics, make its power and punch unmatched in the lighting market.

These were complemented at the other end of the scale by 32 of the smaller X4 S (GLP’s compact solution, producing its output from just seven of the 15W Osram LEDs). With their tiny footprint they provide a highly flexible and versatile solution, and were used in this application to mark the stage. He also used some of GLP’s X4 fixtures.

These fixtures, provided by rental company epicto GmbH, added both colour and drama to the veteran pop band’s set design, which was co-conceived with Friederike Krauch, while Jonas Harth operated the lightshow. The X4 Series was also chosen in view of how well the fixtures register in camera shots.

This show continued the outstanding success of the X4 XL since its launch earlier this year, with German rental companies, including Cape Cross Studio- und Filmlichtgesellschaft mbH, placing orders.

It has featured in momentous events in Germany, such as the 25th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall, and with other leading German lighting designers, Rainer Becker with the Scorpions, Jerry Appelt on the prestigious Bambi Award and Thomas Gerdon on the Nature One dance extravaganza.

Over in the UK New Zealand band The Naked And Famous luxuriated in the powerful side washes generated at Shepherds Bush Empire in Liam Griffiths’ expansive set, as he became the first UK user. 

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GLP X4 PLAYS MAJOR ROLE IN ‘FALL OF THE WALL’ 25TH ANNIVERSARY http://www.glp.de/index.php?id=news_det&L=1&tx_ttnews%5Btt_news%5D=334&cHash=33210104d79c36916654a099a3ede623 Björn Hermann designs historic lightshow in front of Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate To celebrate 25 years of the Berlin Wall being torn down, a massive day of festivities took place on November 9th, culminating in a major ceremony in front of the iconic Brandenburg Gate.

Some 8,000 helium balloons were released into the night sky over Germany's capital at the culmination of events while GLP’s frontline X4 series impression LED automated heads also helped light up the night sky with a real tour de force for the central event — courtesy of the dynamic lightshow designed by Björn Hermann.

Björn Hermann had been commissioned by show director, Sven Sören Beyer of phase7, the Berlin artists company responsible for setting the programme. They in turn were brought in by mediapool Event Services GmbH, while global rental company, PRG supplied all the lighting for the main event.

Conceptually, the LD said he wanted to make the Brandenburg Gate itself the star of the production and create a three-dimensional effect using his lighting armoury to build multiple layers.

His further challenge was to not only illuminate the Gate from the front, back or sides but by building five low weight 13-meter high freestanding towers, to be able to shoot right through the Gate itself. This feature represented the sunrise behind the Gate in the symbolic opening of the Wall (by moving the LED walls) as tens of thousands of guests populated the square in front of the Gate, the symbol of the division of Germany, to hear some of the political champions of reunification and witness a dynamic stage show.

Björn Hermann has been a long-time user of GLP’s evolving impression LED platform and for this show he sourced more than 150 fixtures, divided into the workhorse X4, the smaller X4S and newly-launched super-sized X4 XL.

“Ever since the first impression 90 came onto the market, I have been fascinated by the lamp,” he said. “With the further development the RZ120 Zoom the possible applications expanded again. And now with the X Series GLP covers all areas of small, medium and large lighting sources. In terms of LED wash light they are among of my favourites.”

However, this was his first experience with the X4 series. He had requested the X4 (19 x 15W high power RGBW LEDs) for evaluation, and as soon as it had tested positively, he specified it for the show, working closely with GLP to complement the fixture with the smaller X4S (7 x 15W RGBW LEDs) and X4XL, the output of which he was particularly keen to experience.

Appraising the lights, he noted, “The X Series played an important role in the overall concept; the lamps both read well to camera and yet are completely suitable for use in a live context, delivering a very high light output.

“Since I illuminated the Brandenburg Gate with LED floodlights I wanted to use the same technique to recreate the design of the stage platforms and walkways, using additional colour mixing — and thereby emphasise the size of the stages.”

In view of their compact size, he said, the X4 could be set into the scenic architecture, including the walkways and at the front of the stage area, while due to their high output, the X4 XL fixtures were positioned on the leading edges of the two main stages to produce additional impact.

The new star of the portfolio, the X4 XL boasts a mighty 55 individually controllable RGBW LED sources, each rated at 15W. With a vast palette from strident colour to soft pastels, each colour matched to align across units, giving them compatibility with X4 and X4S units that may be used on the same production. It also offers the same zoom range of 7° to 50° which, with such a high output, forms a ‘cannon of light’ at its narrowest angle up to a bright expanse of coverage at its widest.

Hosted by actor Jan Josef Liefers, there were also historical anecdotes among bands and artists appearing, while the event also included speeches from civil rights activists Freya Klier, Ulrike Poppe, political cabaret artist Wolfgang Koch and performances by top German musicians. In addition, Polish freedom fighter Lech Walesa and Mikhail Gorbachev and German Federal President Joachim Gauck, who accompanied the symbolic fall of the Wall (with the rise of the balloons) stood next to Major Klaus Wowereit on stage. There were fireworks and Daniel Barenboim conducting the Staatskapelle Berlin with Beethoven's 9th Symphony, Ode to Joy.

Peter Gabriel gave a rendition of Heroes and other musical highlights were provided by Udo Lindenberg, Silly, die Fantastischen Vier, Clueso, Paul Kalkbrenner, die Staatskapelle Berlin mit Daniel Barenboim, phase7 performing.arts, Junges Sinfonieorchester Berlin, Wolf Biermann and others.

Summing up, Björn Hermann again praised the versatility of the impression X4 range. “For the speakers I was able to create a low-output base look to create camera backgrounds while for the bands I used the lamps to their full extent, depending on the mood of the music — generating full ‘rock ‘n’ roll’ movements.

“These lamps completely met my expectations. I like  the product design, the light output, the colours and the zoom range … actually everything!”<xml></xml>

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New X4 XL given impressive workout at Nature One http://www.glp.de/index.php?id=news_det&L=1&tx_ttnews%5Btt_news%5D=332&cHash=221b4a7fd39903d1369a59a1e581bd50 Thomas Gerdon provides massive light output for major open air electronic fest With his reputation for piloting the lighting at two of Europe’s leading electronic music festivals — the German extravaganzas Mayday and Nature One — Thomas Gerdon (gerdon MEDIADESIGN) is in high demand.


He describes both these events as entirely unique, with Nature One among the largest European open-air electronic dance fests and the slightly smaller Mayday its indoor equivalent.  Both share the same promoter (SFX Group) and the Group’s production company (I-Motion GmbH); but the recent Nature One also gave Thomas Gerdon the chance to use GLP’s new large-format impression X4 XL for the first time at a sold-out event attended by some 72,000 people.

Thomas Gerdon has been involved with Nature One — which takes place annually at the Raketenbasis Pydna disused NATO rocket base in Kastellaun — since 2002; initially he was a lighting op for one of the smaller club floors, but his role has steadily grown, and since 2011 he has taken charge of the main open air floor design.

“We really work closely to the music, tight to the beat.” He says. “We don’t run timecode — everything is operated live and we can just freestyle and follow the music.”

Along with Jerry Appelt, who debuted the X4 XL LED head on the major ‘Böhse Onkelz’ concert at the Hockenheim Ring he has been one the first top tier LDs to jump on board. “[GLP’s] Oliver Schwendke introduced the X4 XL to me and I was immediately impressed with the fixture and its features,” he said.

Gerdon already had 64 X4 heads incorporated into the stage design — but this was the icing on the cake. “I always choose these if they are available, but I really wanted to have the XL to complete the design. GLP supported me in finding a supplier and in just 10 days I found a way to add 12 of the new XL into the design.”

Supplied by Heli Showequipment GmbH, the X4 series lights were mounted on the open air stage floor for effect lighting. Many were also set in the roof above the DJ where they were used as an effect light and as front- and backlight for the DJs. In addition X4s and X4 XL were used as floor lights for further effects.

Each impression X4 XL head features 55 x 15W RGBW LEDs and a 7°-50° zoom; asked for his assessment, the LD was unstinting in his praise, describing the experience as a memorable one. “They are very good looking and don’t have a base, which gives them a really sleek look.

“They have an enormous light output and the quality of the colours is as good as the X4. The zoom range is really impressive — you can use them both as a beam light and as a stage wash — and they work well in both modes; the pan/tilt speed is excellent —surprisingly so, as you don’t expect this when you see the size of the fixture.

“But the biggest advantage is the output — they really have an extreme lighting output which you don’t find in other LED fixtures. The pattern effects are also cool and because of the big amount of pixels you can create a lot of new looks.”

Almost uniquely, he says, they received positive feedback from the artists themselves. “The manager of one famous DJ called me and said that the artist had remarked that it was one of the best lighting effects that he had ever seen — which was most unusual. That was really a great honour for us to get a feedback like this.”

Going forward, he anticipates both the impression X4 and X4 XL will become staple workhorses in his shows. “For sure I will be speccing them, as they will function in a lot of different applications, always doing a great job.” This will include an upcoming YouTube video shoot, a TV production and a new large scale touring project.<xml> Normal 0 21 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE </xml>

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Versatile VOLKS|LICHT SPOT is just the ticket for Tomoka http://www.glp.de/index.php?id=news_det&L=1&tx_ttnews%5Btt_news%5D=330&cHash=a4fd87710ab877e96a9d53e667112522 The Tomoka Christian Church, near Daytona Beach, Florida, recently carried out a major technical... According to AC’s Fred Mikeska, this was the result of AC Lighting’s long relationship with the church’s audio visual contractor, Nate Mudge (president of system contractors and dealers Nateco) and followed a successful GLP fixture demo at last year’s InfoComm trade show in Florida.

While the Church’s Technical Director, Shane Stanton, was already familiar with the GLP brand, he admits that this was the first time he had investigated their fixtures at close quarters.

“I had told Nateco that I wanted LED wash and profile fixtures to take the place of the discontinued and outdated arc based fixtures that were previously in the plans; they needed to be sufficiently bright and fit in the budget.”

He added that had he not discovered the VOLKS|LICHT Spots he was considering staying with an arc based system “since we could not find an LED fixture that could meet the criteria.”

So what criteria did he set for the VOLKS|LICHT Spot — and what does it offer the church? According to Stanton it was a combination of features — notably the LED engine, brightness, the build quality and price. “Also we knew, based on calculations, the 15° beam would work nicely in our auditorium with our lighting grid height,” he continued.

With their small footprint, flexibility and lack of maintenance requirements, he could also see further advantages. “Compared to our older bigger fixtures, one person can easily change install or move these on the lighting grid.”

The new LED heads have immediately taken up a versatile role within the church. “We use them mostly for effect, with haze, but have done some spotlight effects as well.

“Our style is pretty dynamic, and we’ll have a fast upbeat song with lots of flash and beam effects, a medium tempo where we might have some gobos with beam effects or some patterns on the walls, or a slow song where we’ll go for more of a backlit look with the beams cutting through.”

All this is well within the scope of a spot fixture that boasts a 300W RGB LED engine, which offers high output through an efficient optical system with clear gobo projection, even field distribution and smooth dimming without any colour shift.

And Fred Mikeska, the man initially responsible for directing the Tomoka technical team onto GLP’s InfoComm booth, endorsed this.

“They were really impressed with the overall performance, reliability of GLP and the low cost of ownership,” remembers the AC Lighting man, who supplied all the GLP fixtures  along with a new Jands i3 lighting console.  

This included GLP’s increasingly popular impression X4 — from which the church is  also deriving great benefit for washes and beam effects. This lightweight LED head features 19 RGBW high output LED’s and offers 7° to 50° zoom range, full colour mixing including CTC and customisable pixel patterns across its front face to provide even colour mixing across the beam at all angles.

Finally, having used a Jands Vista lighting desk for a number of years, he knew that the new i3 would not only be compatible with the LED fixtures, but also with their programming style.

All of which is hugely beneficial to Tomoka Christian Church’s new 800-seat fan shaped auditorium — which will be expandable to over 1,000 in the future. With an open ceiling, painted black to conceal the new compact GLP light sources and air ducts, the building supports five regular services throughout the week, along with certain special events.

Summing up, the Church’s TD confirms, “We have been continually impressed with both the VOLKS|LICHT and the X4. The VOLKS|LICHTs give us the brightness we are looking for, with the gobos and prism effects for some eye candy, and with the LED engine we wanted.”

Pictures: Brendan Erazo

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impression X4 help to rock Rio in Lisbon http://www.glp.de/index.php?id=news_det&L=1&tx_ttnews%5Btt_news%5D=328&cHash=0bc3e656ee3ac768bd03bb6cd15b01c3 Thomas Giegerich and Toto Bröcking light main stage façade with 100 heads  

When the famous Rock in Rio Festival returned to Lisbon this summer, and crowds of up to 350,000 swarmed to the Parque da Bela Vista, they zeroed in on the main Palco Mundo stage, the façade of which was spectacularly lit by 120 GLP impression X4 LED heads.

This provided the perfect setting for top tier acts such as the Rolling Stones, Arcade Fire, Justin Timberlake, Linkin Park, Queens of the Stone Age and many more to perform over the four days.

Having worked with Rock in Rio, one of the largest festivals in the world, for the last decade, lighting design company, bright! GmbH again turned to GLP’s successful impression platform.

Thomas Giegerich, who runs the German lighting company with brother Michael, confirmed that they had successfully built on the legacy of the original impression 90s. “We used all the X4s to bring the metal stage structure to life — something we had done with the Impression 90 years before. It really highlighted the facade.”

He noted that in addition to being compact, light weight and low on consumption — ideal for festivals — there were many other attributes. “They are rugged, produce very good colours and are extremely fast,” he stated. “In the end the price was part of the decision too.”

He had first become involved in the event back in 2004 when bright! were asked to handle the complete WYSIWYG on-site preprogramming. “We were hired by Procon, which is now PRG Germany, for the first European Rock in Rio — and now I am the festival’s lighting designer, ” Giegerich continued.

Founded by Brazilian entrepreneur Roberto Medina, the event itself is a series of festivals that take place in Rio (Brazil), Lisbon (Portugal) and Madrid (Spain). It had been his decision to move the event to Lisbon in 2004 before it returned to its original location, Rio de Janeiro, with a new line-up in 2011.

Working this year alongside Gabisom, who provided the sound, Thomas Giegerich and Tobias ‘Toto’ Bröcking designed all the lighting and video sets (assisted by WYSIWYG specialist Matthias Reuhl), trading on their long relationship with GLP.

They had first been introduced to the Karlsbad-based company many years ago when one of their employees (Denis Hessberger) moved to the manufacturer.

Since then they have developed ever closer ties, with bright! specifying every generation of impression fixtures and handling the manufacturer’s trade fair booth designs to this day. Meanwhile Hessberger has returned to bright! but continues to work closely with GLP.

As for the X4s, they also proved popular in Lisbon with the influx of visiting LDs who found them easy to programme and build cues. “They are just so easy to work with,” concluded the lighting designer. “All the incoming bands’ LDs know these fixtures and can easily implement them in their shows.”

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Supercharged impression X4 XL makes stunning UK debut with The Naked And Famous http://www.glp.de/index.php?id=news_det&L=1&tx_ttnews%5Btt_news%5D=326&cHash=4c42d2dc2679e5b893b116928fc06cc7 When New Zealand band The Naked and Famous were set to play their first major UK headline showcase... So he commandeered 12 of GLP’s powerful new impression X4 XL LED washlights — the latest and largest of the popular X4 family — from equipment vendor TSL Lighting, knowing he would be giving them their exclusive UK debut. “I had been hoping to get my hands on this fixture for a while,” he admits.

Liam was already familiar with the fixture’s forbears, the popular X4 and smaller X4 S, having used them as floor packages on the band’s American arena gigs — both in their own right and in support of US rock band, Imagine Dragons. But at Shepherds Bush, six of the massive X4XL pan heads, each housing 55 x 15W RGBW LEDs, and vertically mounted on pipes set downstage left and right, were set to output huge swathes of light.

It was an impressive tour de force that had an immediate impact on the indie band itself. Keyboard player Aaron Short summed up the anticipation of the new GLP lights by quipping, "Liam had been going on about this Shepherds Bush show for so long — and now I know why. We'd been using the X4 on our last tour, which is great, but these X4 XLs are five times as big. They're epic and make it feel like we're playing in an arena!

"For me, the bigger the production I'm surrounded in, the better … so having the new GLP X4 XLs on stage definitely helps me take my performance to another level.”

Taking up the story again, Liam says, “With 55 LEDs, it gives a real punch — the beams are amazing!” He also highlights the individually controllable LEDs which allowing a range of different patterns to be created and displayed on the front lenses. “It's all about lighting the band, really, using the power of the beams via the pattern chases; a lot of fixtures can't do that.

“GLP’s colour tones and dimmer curves have always been better than their competitors while the [7°-50°] zoom on the X4XL is amazing; it makes such a difference.

Aside from being impressed with the colour saturates he has also noticed that the fixture is hardly DMX hungry: “27 channels in the hi-res mode which is pretty reasonable. In fact power wise we are on 63 amps but we are running nowhere near capacity.

“I also like the lens on the front so you don’t see the tacky LEDs. The strobing is also a lot nicer and it’s pretty fast for a fixture of that size and weight, as I do move the lights into the crowd.” The fixtures are also easy to programme on his Chamsys desk.

The X4 XLs were clearly the highlight of a production that also featured Solaris flares and short arc discharge lamps, creating as big a wow factor for the full house as the band themselves. “To add a lot more effect we are using custom built mirrors to create prism effects which we’ve had since the Imagine Dragons tour,” confirms the LD.

He has been morphing the same show file as he used with the X4’s, adding subtle tweaks. “I have always worked on the idea of doing a cue stack for a track and having specials on a different fader, so it's all pretty much time coded really. I have a bespoke page for each song, and there's a lot of triggering of Macros as well; I find it easier to edit a Macro especially at smaller venues when we're cloning/morphing different fixtures.”

Liam Griffiths, who comes from a family of lighting and video technicians, has honed his art at venues just such as this; his CV features stints with Rudimental, Maximo Park and The Enemy among others, while a heavy booking roster for next year includes a tour with Brooke Fraser.

Martin Locket from TSL Lighting also added his pride at being involved in the UK debut of GLP’s new blockbuster. "We are delighted to continue our support for Liam and this show has been a great chance for us to collaborate with Mark Ravenhill and his team.

“An energetic live show gave us a first class opportunity to evaluate these fixtures fully and to identify further productions and designers that they would be ideally suited to, across several market sectors."<xml></xml>

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impression X4 help bring Billy Joel´s MSG residency to life http://www.glp.de/index.php?id=news_det&L=1&tx_ttnews%5Btt_news%5D=324&cHash=d600b8e54f57d708247a981e00cc4760 Production designer Steve Cohen’s association with Billy Joel dates back an astonishing 40 years.... Along the production journey, as technology evolved into LED, so Cohen encountered the world of the GLP impression series — using both the original impression 90 and 120 RZ zoom as well as the Volkslichts. But it was the later introduction of the X4 that confirmed his love affair with the impression LED platform.

“I saw the X4 for the first time on the GLP stand at LDI when Mark Ravenhill showed them to me. The technology and colour were spectacular and I used them for the first time on Human Nature [at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas].”

This show, which celebrated the magic of Motown, ran in the city where his operation, Steven Cohen Productions, is based. “I have had a lot of success with that show and could see immediately that the X4 was a pretty efficient light. As an LED wash light I can set it at 50ft-60ft, as I do on the Billy Joel shows, and it’s amazing to see such a pure collimated beam.”

For this tour, lighting vendors, Atomic Lighting of Pennsylvania, have supplied 120 GLP X4’s to help punctuate a concept which exploded from one original small show that Joel undertook in the UK. “I had some ideas with segmented video screens and I modified that for 360°, reconfiguring it and repositioning the video — and that drove the lighting plot.”

Both the residency and touring set, plays in the round from the end of the arena, with Billy Joel’s piano on a revolving turntable.

The New Yorker has a decades-long history with the Garden. Since 1978, he’s played a record-breaking 47 shows, including a sold-out run of 12 consecutive nights in 2006, and a moving performance at the 12-12-12 concert benefiting victims of Sandy. Capacity audiences of 18,000 have been flocking to see the artist, many of them repeat visits.

And with his inspired use of video Steve Cohen is helping Joel celebrate the magic of New York “with animated scenery and video capture technology, both evocative and impressionistic.”

As a TV lighting designer he knows the importance of balance. “There are only two types of lighting used on the show and the balance we have achieved with the video gives us plenty of headroom.”

He is using the X4 both as a flood and a tight beam. “In fact I’m using every parameter,” he says. “It offers the best colour of any LED light and it’s reliable, giving us a consistent colour feel. On top of that they are lightweight and you get a lot in a small amount of space.”

The X4 fixtures are mounted on ten bars, purpose manufactured by Atomic Lighting and each containing four X4 impressions; some are set both above and below the random vertical video panels — which hang in separate strips to form the ‘broken’ wall — where they hold their own effortlessly. A further 27 X4 fixtures are placed on nine vertical booms at the back of the stage — three on each — and also around the stage floor itself.

The geometry of the video design is such that when it fades to black, the silhouetted outline represents the Manhattan Skyline.

The shows further benefit from being directed by experienced programmer Mark Foffano, another long time Billy Joel associate, who has worked on every show since the late ‘90s.



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MIRRAD storms the Bastille with GLP impression X4 artillery http://www.glp.de/index.php?id=news_det&L=1&tx_ttnews%5Btt_news%5D=322&cHash=750877d44b7eae9fd27d95d15b7e0d6f Lighting designer Jamie Thompson has again turned to GLP’s groundbreaking LED impression series to... Three years after successfully integrating the impression 90s (and Zoom) into The Script’s show design, his company MIRRAD, which he runs with experienced co-lighting designer Bryan Leitch and Dave Cohen, specified 60 of the German manufacturer’s highly popular X4 moving heads. The inventory was supplied by PRG after first providing a demo of the fixtures.

Technology has advanced a long way in three years, and Thompson admits, “I’m really loving the X4 … I feel that GLP has made another huge leap with this new range. Combining both power and effects, this range has really come into its own.”

The London-based band, fronted by Dan Smith, has been playing a range of successful shows, including the massive Coachella Festival in the States (where Will Dart was programming and operating the lighting board) as they embark on the festival season.

The production concept this time around has been to highlight the triangle symbol which replaces the ‘A” in Bastille — and the impressions are used to line the upstage triangle and mid-stage diagonals. They are also rigged overhead for use as mid-air effects and to wash the stage.

“In these roles the X4 has been opening up some amazing effects for us,” Jamie continues. “The ability to use specific cells in the fixtures is a fantastic feature. But what really impresses is just how bright they are for their size — and how they stand up to the discharge sources.”

In fact GLP’s popular touring product features 19 RGBW 15W LED’s in a new baseless, lightweight design, with slimline body — making them easy to specify and place within the plot. The impression X4 features a 7:1 zoom ratio (7°-50°), full colour mixing including CTC and customisable pixel patterns across its front face. It is designed to deliver high output and with its RGBW sources, offers a wide colour palette from soft pastels to deep saturates.

Although Bastille’s rig size has downscaled for some of the smaller shows the full GLP inventory will be on display again from October. Meanwhile Jamie Thompson is planning to rejoin The Script shortly for further shows.

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